Vacancy: Engineer (P.Eng). (Mechanical / Building Science)

Posting date: December 2017

Scope of work

Projects to be involved with would include; Building Services, Mechanical Design (Plumbing, HVAC), Electrical / Emergency(building code building services with ASHRAE electrical & power), Life Safety, and regulatory investigation. The type of work is highly varied, and non-repetitive.

Areas of practice include, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings; Ontario Building Code Compliance, Fire Code Compliance and Pre-Start Safety Reviews (Industrial Hazardous Material Systems related to HVAC). Clients vary from large multi-national corporations, to one owner private buildings / projects.


  • Work with the principal engineer at the company, in support of the project requirements.
  • Investigate project design requirements, code / design aspects, apply requirements to a design, for review by the
  • Complete independently ventilation (ASHRAE 62.1 / ACGIH), heat / loss gain calculations, HVAC duct design &
    equipment selection, Plumbing design, and building code electrical / life safety. Sealing of documents is required in
    the areas of competency.
  • Prepare CAD plans and specifications for the project, typically for a permit application and/or for construction.
  • Provide field reporting & general reviews for ongoing construction works, and report on findings relative to the
    construction plans.
  • Communications with clients from initial project investigation to project completion.
  • Coordinate with Municipalities regarding regulatory and permit works.
  • Will be working with the Principal (P.Eng), and other Designers / EITs.

Required Skills

  • Functional in all MS Office suite software.
  • Well versed in building design works and be highly proficient using AutoCAD 2D.
  • Past experience in applying codes / regulations applicable to a project. Specifically the OBC, OFC, ASHRAE 55 / 62.1 / 90.1, NPFA (55, 58, 80, 91, 96, 652, 654, 497, 499, and others) standards. Past course work in these areas is an asset.
  • Experience in heat loss / gain calculations, energy calculations, duct sizing, pipe sizing, plumbing systems and specifications of mechanical equipment.
  • Must have the ability to write specifications, field reports, client letters and project reporting.
  • Ability to investigate project information and gather data that is absent / unclear, as related to a project deliverable.
  • Ability to work from verbal instructions for project deliverables.
  • Have good mental retention of materials that are read, and be able to apply that knowledge long after first instance of
    reading / instruction.
  • Must be able to work on numerous projects within a work week.
  • Must be a self-learner and bring up ones skillset with the company material offered, for areas needing updating.
  • English skills at the Canadian University level both verbal and written is a must. IELTS score of 9 is required for non
    English native speakers.
  • Be able to complete assigned tasks within stipulated assigned timeframes and per client schedules.

Required Experience

  • At least 8 years full time experience in the Ontario building industry post-graduation, in building design having sealed in calculations, HVAC / Plumbing / Building Services plans and specifications previously in Ontario.
    Must be licenced as a P.Eng. in Ontario.
  • Must have on-going education credits / courses in the building industry, specifically ASHRAE, NFPA and OBC training. Project management training completed previously is an asset, but is not a requirement.
  • Those candidates with a track record on-going education, are favoured. Career Development and Training
  • Individual must have their P.Eng. for Ontario.
  • BCIN registration with a category of qualification (Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing) is required to be completed by the candidate so as to prove knowledge of the building code, within the first several months. MMAH course manual completion and application of that knowledge is a minimum once at the position on the employees’ time if the BCIN registrations are not already earned by the candidate at the time of hire.
  • Self-training for technical skills related to the position is a must. Materials for self-learning will be made available.
  • ASHRAE training is highly encouraged.
  • Annual professional training is encouraged (portions of training are funded).
  • The opportunity to grow in your applied knowledge and career development.


  • You are responsible for your transportation to work each day.
  • Parking is available at the office.
  • A vehicle is required for site inspection / review works. Candidate must have their own independent transportation.

Other Job Details

Looking for an active individual who can work within a varied work environment. You will not be doing the same thing each
week. Project demands are varied and the individual must be able to adapt to the changing needs, from client to client and
project to project.

This is an ideal position for a person who is able to learn fast, apply that knowledge, and be ready to learn and grow again the
next day.

To apply, send your resume to gweekes -at- weekesengineering -dot- com

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