Professional Engineering Services

Weekes Engineering provides professional engineering services, project management and regulatory compliance services to general contractors, engineers, and owners supporting their projects’ needs with ethical business practices, fairness, integrity, and service above their expectations.

Engineering Services we offer

Building Services

Engineering design for

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Gas / Fuel Piping and Compressed gas piping
  • E-HAC – Electrical Hazardous Area Classification
  • Electrical / Life Safety
  • Integration of code reporting / review


  • Low – Mid rise
  • Commercial renovations / additions – OBC Part 11
  • Dwellings. Single family – multi-unit
  • Change-of-Use. OBC Part 10/11
  • Floor plans, elevations, sections
  • Fire separations and fire resistance ratings
  • Exiting and egress
  • Spatial separation
  • Code review and design
  • Design iterations integrated with building services, structural and code


Structural Engineering

  • Low – Mid Rise
  • Commercial renovations / additions
  • Dwellings. Single – multi-unit
  • Steel (CSA S16), wood (CSA O86) and concrete foundation design (CSA A23)
  • Fabrication shop drawings



Regulatory Compliance

Evaluation and review for

  • Pre-Start Safety Reviews. Hazardous materials, machines
  • Building Code reporting
  • Fire code / NFPA reporting
  • Integration of code reporting with design for a comprehensive solution in-house



Project Management

  • From concept to completion
  • Management of scope, costs, and schedule
  • Contract administration and field records
  • Site supervision and inspection