Why Weekes Engineering

Diligence + Workmanship + Integrity = Trust

Principal Greg Weekes (P.Eng.) founded Weekes Engineering in 2008 to deliver professional engineering services that focused on diligence, quality workmanship and integrity. The result is a company that has built a trusted reputation in their home city of Hamilton Ontario and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We strongly believe in the principle of “do it right, do it once.”

Weekes Engineering has also earned a global reputation for quality workmanship in engineering design, regulatory compliance and health and safety reviews, with a growing international clientele.

We have learned that customers appreciate an honest assessment of their project’s viability and that is what we give—direct answers that allow project stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Thoughtful solutions

Each project is unique and we will always consider its particular needs. We then look at alternatives and their implications before making a decision on the final solution. We thoroughly understand code compliance issues related to building projects. We deliver complete solutions for building systems which are compliant with regulations and efficiency standards in effect. As a result, Weekes Engineering solutions minimize compliance risk for all stakeholders.

We have an extensive understanding and knowledge of fire stop systems and fire resistance ratings.

Weekes Engineering has professional engineering services experience and expertise in new construction, heritage retrofits, upgrades, residential, retail, commercial and regulatory compliance projects. We have an excellent reputation and the trust of architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and customers.


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  • design of systems in HVAC, plumbing, piping, and gas
  • building electrical / emergency systems
  • low – mid-rise structural design
  • site services
  • combustible dusts
  • F&C liquids
  • building services
  • fire code compliance
  • machine safety, and building life safety
  • steel fabrications

Our Approach

Projects have a better opportunity to succeed when team members engaging in asking the right — and sometimes difficult — questions in the early stages. Asking these kinds of questions can help to ensure on-time delivery.

We believe that a very direct, targeted approach is best. We encourage all parties to leave emotional interests at the door. This way we can all produce the best end result. We won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.

Communication is key to success. Our belief is that everyone needs to strike that balance between keeping people informed and over-communicating, which can reduce effectiveness. Each project will have a communication plan tailored to its needs.

When a date slips from the original plan, the best action is to look for the obstacle causing the delay, to avoid repeating mistakes. Then we work together to problem-solve and set new, realistic milestone dates that everyone can agree to follow.


The principal, Greg Weekes is registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and is a member of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE). He is also an active member of NFPA, ASHRAE, and ASME, Canadian Wood Council (CWC), and CISC.

Trust Weekes Engineering for Professional Engineering Services