Cookstown Home Hardware – Solar Generator Installation

Project: Cookstown Home Hardware — Solar Generator Installation
Project Type: New construction
Address: 61 Queen St, Cookstown ON
Project Value: $1,100,000

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Facility Issue:

The existing lumber yard area was to have a series of four mono-sloped solar sheds installed, that would be part of a total solar generation capacity of 500kW on the property, while providing shelter for outdoor lumber storage. The sheds were to have a drip tight solar deck, be free standing, and be capable of being erected in large panel segments with panels being installed at the ground level.


In addition to these requirement, the sheds were to have large clear spans (40-50’) to facilitate lumber storage and the yard equipment. All exposed steel was to be hot dipped galvanized. Weekes Engineering was responsible for the layout and structural design, with detailed shop drawings for the project. All works were coordinated with the general contractor and the project integrator.


Weekes Engineering, was able to maximize the solar roof area of the sheds, by making the solar panels double as the roof deck. The result was to reduce the number of solar panels required on the existing building’s roof (to achieve full generating capacity), which did not have sufficient roof area for the expected number of panels. The sheds were made of a foam sealed solar deck (sealed between the panels) to provide a drip proof roof deck with the clear spans required. The steel detailing permitted a full solar panel installation with the sealing system to be pre-assembled at ground level. The pre-assembled sections were lifted into place on to the columns, saving significant construction time and cost, with a tight commissioning deadline.