Marina Del Rey, Malibu Club – Toronto

Project: Marina Del Rey, Malibu Club.  HVAC system replacement.
Project type: Retrofit
Address: 2267 Lakeshore Blvd W, Toronto ON
Project Value: $470,000

Facility Issue:

The existing HVAC systems were in need of replacement at the end of the service life. Operation of the existing systems was resulting in zone control, air flow control, thermal / humidity control, and operational efficiency issues.


Weekes Engineering was asked to provide a complete HVAC design solution to replace existing equipment, update the controls & system operation of the facility, review the existing distribution ducting, obtain building permits, and supervise the system commissioning.  As part of the solution we were asked to review the original design for the facility, understand the existing use of each space, include for past renovation issues, and optimize the equipment to be installed.


We were able to reduce the number of air handlers from 10 to 7. Reduced the total installed system tonnage to that required for the space.  Eliminated all equipment within the basement parking garage, with replacement equipment in a serviceable location.  Reduced total maintenance by a reduction in total equipment required. Improved comfort and humidity control in all zones. Provided zone and humidity control to the fitness areas. Net productivity was achieved in all zones.